I’ve got this little plot twist for my story which I think you’re gonna like.

If you’ve read my stupid posts, you’ll know who Rebecca is. She’s my oc, and in the story she’s been bullied for as long as she can remember. She’s a bit of a tomboy and has very different beliefs from anyone else, so she has literally no friends at the beginning of the book. But when this girl called Isana (who is a real girly girl, which makes their friendship pretty different) enters her life, they become besties. But later on, I want Becca and Iz to meet this girl who reveals that Isana used to badly bully her in the past. 

Now you would expect Rebecca to be hostile towards Isana after finding this out, but that would be out of character. Isana gets upset and tells Becca that she regrets everything that she did (bear in mind that Isana has an abusive dad). Rebecca tells her that it doesn’t change their friendship (she’s too damn nice) and talks to the other girl about it.

the colouring pages crack me up so i made these

My mum is setting off my anxiety again -_- I still haven’t plucked up the courage to tell her that I have social anxiety because if I did she would just make it worse.

here’s a random conversation of me and my oc (rebecca) discussing her role in the books i’m putting her in. she’s american and i’m english, so there’s a clash of accents. here we go.

Me: Ok Becs, here’s a list of your personal qualities *hands her the list* Even though you’re base off moi, I’ve tried to make you appear somewhat original.

Rebecca: Ok…*looks down list* “loyal” of course! 8) “Kind”…”Immature”…”Hopeful” I’m liking this!

Me: Thought you would 8D

Rebecca: Wait…”Handsome?”

Me: ……..yeah? And?

Rebecca: But…I…..it…..huh?

Me: Well I didn’t want you to be labelled as ‘pretty’, that’s Isana’s role. I thought handsome would be the best way to describe you *sips tea*

Rebecca: Um…guess so, but I still *continues reading* -“COMFY???” WHAT….HOW AM I….WHY WOULD YOU……”COMFY”?!?!

Me: There’s gonna be a lot of hugging going on in the books. Plus I need to give the shippers something to work with *sips more tea to hide smug smile forming*

Rebecca: *mouth hangs open as she doesn’t know what to say*

Me: *sigh* keep reading! Look, I put “forgiving” on the list. The two qualities play together nicely.

Rebecca: No, I think you’ve just been reading too many fanfictions…

Me: Hey! I’ve only read 3!

Rebecca: *rolls eyes*

Me: …*sips tea*

Rebecca: …

Me: By the way, I ship you with Elsa from Frozen.

Rebecca: *slumps forward and forehead hits table*

just to warn you, i’m going to start posting my mental conversations with my OC.


Places I want Sora to go in Kingdom Hearts III: [4/?]:  Arendelle   (Frozen)

inspired by this this and this


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Kristoff model was released today and I wasted no time in making this


When I saw Hishe’s Frozen parody, I thought it was funny……….but they could have done it better.

Their parodies used to be brilliant but I feel like they’ve slumped quite a bit in the last couple of years. 8(

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Am I the only one who has mental conversations with their OC?

Sometimes I imagine her reading through the books that I have planned for her and getting more and more scared as she gets towards the end.

I’m planning a little fic (kind of a practise run for her) where she goes to Arendelle. She keeps asking me why.

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Am I the only one who has mental conversations with their OC?