Am I the only one who thinks that the How to Train your Dragon fandom has pushed the Frozen fandom away?

When I saw the Httyd2 trailer last year, I was so excited about it. But after seeing loads of hate posts from the Httyd fandom against Frozen, I literally forced myself to see it, and I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I should have. Some Frozen fans didn’t even bother seeing Httyd2 because the hate had ruined it. Every time I listen to the the soundtrack etc on Youtube I see even more hate in the comments. And people keep complaining about Httyd2 not earning enough gross.

Remember, not all of the fandom is like this. Many of them are part of both fandoms.

Thank god for the people who make crossovers. Keep the art coming.

Recent studies have shown that disliking Frozen (and other mainstream media) does not make you a better person.

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I need your help. I've been really depressed for a while. My family always ignoring me, my family always needing me for something (mostly money,those two really contradict.),school bullies, and stress. How do you deal with depression? I already see a counselor, that doesn't help me much though. I don't get enough sleep either. That is messing with my productivity, which is messing with my grades. I am in a deep trench of sadness. Help me, please.

Don’t worry bud, we’ll help you 8) I’ve never actually been diagnosed with anything (no one ever took me to a doctor) but I know that I have social anxiety (i’m going to get it diagnosed but i have no time to see a doctor because my manager is evil). When I was being bullied at school, I used books as escapism (nowadays I use fandoms and cosplay). Remember this: No matter what, you MUST beat them. Now I don’t mean fight them, I mean rise above them. Live your life to it’s fullest potential and show them that they were wrong about you. That’s what I do. Just hang in there bud, you’ll be fine. You’ve got us *hugs*


I told another of my real life friends (who used to work with me) about my little crush secret, and now she thinks it’s really cute as well!

Going up to people and saying “want a kiss?” and offering them a bag of Hersheys kisses isn’t flirting, is it?


So I was walking around at work today still hating myself for what I said to Daynapapaya a couple of days ago (even though we sorted it out but my self-hate runs deep), but then my crush arrived and I suddenly forgot everything bad and went into moron mode

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*gross sobbing* -Thedoctor24601

What’s wrong? 8(

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Maybe that lady at work is polyamorous. (Meaning she prefers to have more than one person in a relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of all partners involved.) that would be interesting. Not that I ship you two or anything. *ships you two in silence*

Why is it SO easy to imagine you guys all aboard a ship, ready to set sail? I can imagine my college friend at the helm, itching to give the signal to weigh anchor.

I swear, if I saw this live I would just cry. i’m almost crying now

Heck, when I saw Celebrate the Magic at Magic World last summer (waaay before i joined the frozen fandom) I was so close to crying when the Lion King segment came on.

ahh Avatar’s on Film4. I LOVE this film. I’m at the bit when Jake and Neytiri first kiss and I like to imagine my OC as Jake.