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The Frozen fandom now has 3 sub-fandoms

We have:

Jerry the braid (created by me)

North Mountainology (created by frozen-on-the-derpy-side)

and now introducing……..


(aka Elsa’s shoulder blades)

I think I found my favourite screenshot

Grumpy Elsa…………is grumpy

I think I found my favourite screenshot

Grumpy Elsa…………is grumpy

I tried to do Elsa’s hip walk and nearly fell over.

Whenever I draw my OC in her later years (when her character becomes darker) I always try to keep her eyes big and innocent. Her face is a bit hard-looking, so you can see that she’s been through a lot of crap in her life. I love the idea that, no matter how much other people tried to bring her down, and despite losing so much (including her closest companion), deep down is the little girl who just wanted to be loved.

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Honestly, a lot of the people that don't like Frozen just think it's overrated. Yeah, it saved people's lives and sure, it had good animation, but that's no different from any other modern animated film and this one really doesn't deserve special treatment. If it saved someone's life I'll be respectfully silent while around them, but myself and many others just see an overrated movie full of plot holes and under-developed story line. Sorry. I mean no disrespect but this is a view that many share

That opinion’s perfectly fine and I know that there are other animated films that saved lives too, but this one hit harder, and yet it got the most hate. I’ve never seen such aggressive hate on any other animated film. Your view is a neutral one and I see it all the time. But there are people who spend their time on Tumblr constantly hating it. I’ve never seen a hate blog for e.g. Mulan or How to train your dragon. And the fact that this one has a fandom with so many people who need it in their lives just makes it even worse.

You do realise that it takes all my willpower to not scream my head off at Frozen haters? Sometimes they make me so angry. It’s perfectly fine to not like something, and I know that not everyone was helped by it (we all have different ‘cures’ to our problems).

But I made a really good friend in the fandom who said she wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for Frozen (or elsa, to be exact). And there are other fans out there who were suicidal and have been helped by it. And then I go on the Frozen tag and see haters saying stuff like “I wish this fucking movie didn’t exist!” If this movie didn’t exist, a lot of those people may not be with us today, and I would have never met my new friend.

So if you’re a hater and you want to write something nasty in our tag, remember this.

1 year ago today I was at Magic Kingdom. I wanna go back SO bad…